Monday, July 27, 2009


ரசிக சிகாமணிகளில் ஒருவர் மாறிவிட்டார்
ஒருவர் புதிதாய் வந்திருக்கிறார்
வருக வருக திரு கிருஷ்ணமுர்த்தி அவர்களே
மௌன ராக நாயகிக்குப் பதில் அப்பா!



Anonymous said...

Welcome ChandraMouli!

Anonymous said...

Welcome shri krishnamurthi.
we often talk about your periyappa
(Sri Subramanian - the professor)in our family chats. Happy to find you in our blogspot.
KG & Bros.

Anonymous said...

If Mr Krishnamurthi should see this, I would like him to know that even after so many years, many in our family remember the kind, intelligent and enlightened soul that Shri Subramaniam was. We owe much to him.

Blogs are not intended for personal msgs but the memory of professor KS is something special.

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